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Your Journey

Third Day Coffee shares the Gospel one cup of coffee at a time. We partner with believers to proclaim the Creator’s message to the world. The precious book that begins with, “In the beginning, God . . .” reveals God’s message to us, and Genesis sets the foundational backdrop for all of history. Knowing the powerful impact the Bible makes both in this life and for all eternity, we seek to help others trust this miraculous book as their source of truth and ultimate authority.


The Finest Coffee

Third Day Coffee maintains the strictest level of quality control. We begin with the Fair Market Value purchase of the highest-quality Arabica Beans grown in high elevations from some of the most desirable farms in the world. When it’s time to roast, our master roasters possess the rare combination needed for superb coffee. Think of them as having the precision of a Blue Angel pilot, and the artistry of a Michaelangelo!

The best coffee flavor is obtained when the beans are freshly roasted and ground. All Third Day Coffee is freshly roasted within days of shipping and ground to your specifications or left whole for you to grind. After proper degassing, the exquisite coffee is vacuum-sealed in quality resealable bags, complete with roasting date.

If it is organic products that you need, we have an entire roaster dedicated solely to organic products. If it is decaf you need, we are one of the few coffee companies that takes the extra time and bears the greater expense of exclusively using the chemical-free, Swiss Water-Washed method.


Third Day Coffee?

On Day Three of the Creation Week, God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth.” Did you know that coffee is a fruit? Coffee beans grow inside red or purple coffee cherries on trees with green, waxy leaves. Just like regular cherries, these coffee cherries have a pit — and that pit is where we get coffee. Each cherry pit usually contains two “seeds,” which are green coffee beans. These green beans are harvested, processed, dried, milled, and ultimately roasted. The best way to consume this delectable drink is when the beans are roasted FRESH, which is how our Third Day Coffee is delivered to you. Order by Thursday morning and your freshly roasted coffee ships the following Monday.

Third Day Coffee represents more than the Third Day of Creation. It also represents the Third Day when Jesus Christ arose victorious over sin and death—Resurrection Day! We marvel at this miraculous gift of salvation offered freely to us by a loving Creator. Celebrate with us enjoying a fresh cup of Third Day Coffee and rejoice in knowing that you are sharing the gospel with every cup you drink!


​With Coffee

One of the many ways that Third Day Coffee is taking the Gospel to others is with WhyIBoughtYourCoffee.com. A business card with this website is included with every order. The website simply shares the Gospel story. The card itself can be used in many ways, and one of them is that when you purchase a bag of coffee as a gift, the recipient gets this card—a loving and welcomed way to share the Gospel. Check it out. We know you’ll love it! Visit WhyIBoughtYourCoffee.com.

The Impact
of The Gospel

​Is Even Greater​

Reaching the world with the Gospel has been in the prayer chain of Third Day Coffee even years before its inception. We have been building relationships with farmers and paying Fair Market Value for coffee beans. Through this relationship, we are working to win these farmers to Christ, disciple them, and teach them about supporting their local Bible-believing churches in their own country.

Portions of the profits already support missionaries on three continents! Some of these missionaries cannot be on their field of service as missionaries. However, their governments welcome them as coffee bean marketers! When you purchase Third Day Coffee, you are literally placing the beautiful feet of those carrying the Gospel on land that they otherwise could not walk. By enjoying the finest coffee made from the highest-quality Arabica Beans, you are sending missionaries to places you could not go, to people we could not reach. Thank you for investing in eternity!

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